¡Twenty One Pilots estrenan canción navideña, escúchala!

Twenty One Pilots llegan con regalo de Navidad adelantado para todos sus fans y estrenan ‘Christmas Saves The Year’. Sí, este 2020 fue un año muy complicado en todo el mundo y Tyler y Josh están seguros que estas fechas salvarán el año. Aquí puedes escucharla  ¡Seguro te encantará!     Ho ho ho, woke up this morning with a scary feeling Realized it was November first Christmas, oh my god, it’s nearing What am I to do, I said Then I covered up my head Prayed for sleep for two more months Until this holy mess is over Wasn’t that lucky, turned on the TV Beanie Babies on the news Biggest selling gift this year What’s a tired Jew to do? So TV off, tried to escape Called my friend from Silver Lake Said to meet on Fairfax For some coffee and a kugel Talked about our fear and dread Of tinsel, lights and parties Suddenly, like a bad dream Fairfax was transformed Into a holiday paradise Everywhere was Hanukkah Shiny, sparkly, blue and white Isn’t this a little soon? I got up quick, ran to the mall Before my pain got any worse What a stupid thing to do I’m a sitting duck in Santa’s zoo Suddenly, I couldn’t walk I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t move Children running everywhere Screaming, ‘tis the season